Reception Made Easy
A powerful, simple and easy-to-use reception system

SmartInOut is a reception system that includes everything needed to manage the entry and the exit processes of a visitor or courier in a company.

SmartInOut simplifies the management and support of the processes and saves time of the reception staff. From a single, centralized application (web or mobile) you can manage all the entry and exit into a company. In real time, the list of all the people entering and leaving the company can be consulted in compliance with the safety rules in force.

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Web based & SAAS

It's usable on all the most common browsers

Fully responsive

Usable on any device (Pc Tablet and Mobile phone)


It is easy to record the entry and exit of a visitor at the reception


Different ways to use the reception.


The visitor arrives at the reception and records his data by also entering the name of the contact person with whom he will have to speak. The contact person after signing and registering the visitor will be notified by email
After entering the data and electronically signed, a pdf is printed and / or sent with a QRcode to automatically register the exit


The visitor before leaving the company arrives at the reception and with the document sent to him by email he should read his QRcode to the system

Receiving goods

The courier (Amazon, Dhl, Sda, etc) arrives at the reception, chooses his company, enters the name of the contact person and places the document on the room in order to register.

SmartInOut Features


Features Regular Premium
Manual reception management (with receptionist)
Automatic reception management (without receptionist)
Automatic visitor document recognition
Parcel receipt management

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